Like an iceberg, what you see above the surface doesn’t always reflect what’s below. It’s important to evaluate the whole person — knowledge areas, experiences, behaviors, motives, and thinking styles—not just technical skills. Our TalMetrics assessment, survey tools and analytics, create a transformative method for hiring, onboarding, developing and promoting leaders throughout your organization, ensuring you get a complete view of an individual’s ability to fit and thrive within your organization.

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Benchmarking Future Leaders

With our proprietary assessment and accompanying analytics, we create hiring benchmarks that identify the key attributes, behaviors and capabilities to be successful in the role and a fit in your culture.


Identifying Your Future Talent 

Our proprietary process, powered by TalMetrics, improves hiring decisions to better predict who will perform in a role, and screen out those who are less likely to be successful.



We’ve created a 1-page Scorecard that, based upon the benchmark created, identifies whether a candidate is a high, moderate or low risk, the candidate’s potential for success and detailed insights and interview questions.